London from 7,500 feet

All images © Vincent Laforet/AIR

Just before sunset on 13 May, Vincent Laforet and his team took to the sky above London in a helicopter to capture never-before-seen photographs of the city. 

Vincent’s AIR project began in New York City last year and he has gone on to photograph Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The London shoot kicks off his European tour, sponsored by G-Technology, which will see him photographing famous cities such as Barcelona, Venice, Paris and Berlin – all from 7,500 feet. 

In total, Vincent captures approximately 5,000 still photos during each 60-90-minute flight, along with GoPro footage, amounting to about half a terabyte of data. Detailed workflow processes are required, and storing the images involves using several different G-Tech drives. 

Vincent wants to demonstrate that the world isn’t such a big place and that we’re all a lot more connected than we realise. He says, ‘When you’re on the street and look up at the tall skyscrapers that fill our cities, you tend to feel pretty small and sometimes quite insignificant. However, when you look at the same environment from above, it paints a totally different picture. Altitude gives you a different perspective on our relationship with one another and with our environment.’ 

A full set of Vincent’s photographs is available at and a selection of the images will be featured in a book, set to be released later this year. Find out more at