Contribute to the Zero Footprint project

4 Leeming And Paterson

As part of their ongoing Zero Footprint project, photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson are asking creatives from all over the world to submit an A6 postcard sized piece of work that describes their local space and shows an appreciation of the nearby.

The submissions (which can be paintings, pieces of writing as well as photographs) will then be exhibited alongside Leeming and Paterson's exhibition at the Envinronmental Arts Festival Scotland

Please send submissions to:


Glenhoul Brae


Castle Douglas

DG7 3UB 

Deadline is 14 August 2015.

Zero Footprint is a project set up by Leeming and Paterson that promotes reducing our carbon footprint as photographers. 

To read our 'Five Minutes With...' Q&A with Leeming and Paterson about their Zero Footprint project and book, check out Outdoor Photography's December 2014, 186, issue. Back issues can be purchased here