Light and Land on The Mall

Natures Fairy Lights Sussex November 2014 Valda Bailey

Above: Nature's Fairy Lights, Sussex, 2014 © Valda Bailey 

From 2 to 10 August Mall Galleries will be taken over by photography workshop company Light and Land with talks, an exhibition and portfolio critiques. Here are some of our favourite photographs to be on display. For our full line-up of listings and events for August, pick up Outdoor Photography 195, on sale 30 July. For our July highlights OP194 is out now.  

Hawthorn Tree Llynau Cregennan Snowdonia March 2015 Steve Gray

Above: Hawthorn Tree, Llynau Cregennan, Snowdonia, 2015 © Steve Gray

Moorlands Wood York April 2014 Chris Shepherd

Above: Moorlands Wood, York, 2014 © Chris Shepherd

Trees Of Light Lake District October 2011 David Neve

Above: Trees Of Light, Lake District, 2011 © David Neve

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