Stunning new deer film

French master wildlife photographer Vincent Munier has teamed up with nature audio guru Marc Namblard to create a spellbinding film about deer, titled La Cerf Du Nuit (Night of the Deer). In a visual and audio masterpiece, you get a glimpse of the lives of deer as they’ve never been seen before. All of the footage and the sounds were captured on location in french forests with wild animals, which only adds to the gravitas of the achievement. Sit back, go full screen with the sound turned up and enjoy!

The film accompanies a book on the deer project by Munier that comes with an audio CD of the spinetingling sounds captured by Namblard. You can purchase it now (standard edition is €50, or there is a deluxe edition including a Munier fine art print for €800) at

La nuit du cerf from vincent munier on Vimeo.