Scotland: The Big Picture

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Scotland: The Big Picture aims to produce inspiring media to amplify the case for a wilder Scotland. Behind this ambitious project is the Wild Media Foundation – a small team of professional photographers, filmmakers, writers and designers working in Scotland and producing high-impact visual communications. Members include Emma Blyth, James Shooter and Peter Cairns.

In our new series on the project, conservationist and wildlife photographer Peter Cairns will focus on the principal species in Scotland’s rewilding story, beginning with the beaver in Outdoor Photography’s December issue, on sale 17 November. To celebrate this six-part bi-monthly series, we’ll be posting the accompanying behind the scenes videos here online. First up is a video about Knapdale’s beaver and Peter Cairns’ endeavours to photograph them.

Find out more at about the project here.

Pick up a copy of OP’s December issue to read Peter Cairns’ full article, which includes why beavers are important to our ecosystems, a technical shooting guide to photographing them and an explanation on what rewilding is and how it benefits our natural world. Scotland: The Big Picture fuses ecological science with storytelling and we can’t wait to see how it develops…  

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