Meditations in platinum


Japanese photographer Nobuyuki Kobayashi's series, Portrait of Nature, Myriads of Gods, goes on show at London's Sway Gallery from 16 to 28 March.

Image above: Kei © Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Known for his exquisite platinum palladium prints, Kobayashi uses Hosokawa paper, a kind of Washi paper where its manufacturing process hasn't altered since 1642. The paper is rich and full of texture and complements Kobayashi's quiet depictions of nature.

Image above: Ichi © Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Longevity is at the core of Kobayashi's work and he believes that by using the platinum palladium process and Hosokawa paper, his prints will last 1,000 years. He says: 'In a world a hundred years, two hundred years, or even one thousand years from now, I hope that abundant nature still exists, and that by looking at the same objects our descendants will feel the same joy – this is my wish.'


Image above: Syouucyuu © Nobuyuki Kobayashi

Portrait of Nature, Myriads of Gods is on show at Sway Gallery, London, from 16-28 March. Find out more here. See more of Kobayashi's work here.




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