Return of the super stoat

Film still 9.png


In the April 2017 issue of OP (on sale now), we follow Peter Cairns as he goes to great lengths to photograph pine martens in their natural environment for Scotland: The Big Picture – an ambitious initiative that champions the case for a wilder Scotland through inspiring visual media. 

The five-minute film that accompanies the feature takes us from Scotland’s most westerly peninsula, Ardnamurchan, to a remote pinewood in the Cairngorms, and sees Peter overcoming a whole set of challenges to capture the shots he is after. 

‘The restoration and expansion of pine woodland in recent decades has been a real lifeline for species that depend on this unique habitat,’ says Peter. ‘By restoring native woodland and restoring forest connectivity, species such as pine marten can bounce back. The return of this super stoat goes hand in hand with the return of the forest.’ 

Read Peter Cairns’ article about his quest to photograph pine martens in the April issue of OP 

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