When the past speaks

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Image above: Chris Fisher climbing 'Nowt Burra Fleein' thing' E8 6c, Cam Crag, Wasdale © Henry Iddon

In OP216, our April issue (on sale 9 March) we look at Henry Iddon's fascinating new series, where he unites photography's past and present. Instanto Outdoors is a set of images depicting some of the world's leading extreme sports figures taken by Iddon using an Underwood Instanto camera. The camera was previously owned and used in the early 1990s by George and Ashley Abraham, who are known as the pioneers of mountain landscape and climbing photography.


Image above: Leah Crane on ‘Tourniquet’ 8A on the Giant Stone, Little Font, Kentmere © Henry Iddon

This short film shows the work in exhibition, where they sit alongside original prints by the Abraham brothers and equipment that highlights the technological advancement in action sports photography.   

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