Chasing the winter solstice: the results


Image above: © Oliver Wright

Back in 2015, Emily Mount invited 11 nature, wildlife and landscape photographers to be part of her winter solstice project. The plan was for each photographer to go out into the field on the 22nd December and shoot what the shortest day of the year meant to them, in their region, within the 24-hour timeframe.

Image above: © Emily Mount

With photographers based across the northern hemisphere – some as far apart from each other as Taiwan to the UK – the hope was to collect a stunning set of images that encapsulated the essence of the day, as well as celebrate varying styles and perspectives.

Image above: © Alexander Kitsenko

Speaking about the project prior to the 22nd December Emily said: Our goal is not only to document what is happening in the natural world but portray the feeling of the land. With luck, we will catch a glimpse of the north's wild residents and discover how they are contending with and surviving the shortest day of the year.’

Image above: © Lizzie Shepherd

Here you see some of our favourites from the final collection of photographs.