Impressions of the landscape

Image above: Blossom Blizzard I © Valda Bailey

An exhibition of recent work by Valda Bailey goes on show at Bosham Gallery, West Sussex, this summer.

Fragile presents a selection of work that showcases Bailey’s enduring fascination with the fragility in the landscape and the illusions evident when contrasting elements are juxtaposed. 

With subtle and innovative skills in post-production, Bailey creates impressions of landscape and nature rather than literal depictions.

Image above: Into the Light © Valda Bailey

Of the series, Fragile, she says: ‘I am fascinated by all manner of contrasts and contradictions and the work in this project is an attempt to reconcile some of the conflicting aspects that are of interest to me in the landscape…Fragility can be conveyed in many ways. It can be expressed with light or shape or colour or movement and I hope this diversity is represented here.’

She continues: ‘I am driven by an exploration of colour and form. Studied perfection is not my goal. The landscape is chaotic and disordered and I have no wish to seek out an unblemished version of it.’

Image above: Blossom Blizzard II

Fragile: The photography of Valda Bailey is on show from 2 June to 30 July

Bosham Gallery, 1 The High Street, Bosham