Seaside Shelters by Will Scott

EASTBOURNE © Will Scott.jpg

Eastbourne © Will Scott

To celebrate the publication of Seaside Shelters by Will Scott, HENI Gallery presents a selection of his photographs of the wide variety of shelters adorning the British seaside.

Blackpool © Will Scott

Blackpool © Will Scott

Once a testament to the popularity of British summer holidays and the country’s notorious fickle weather, many of these architectural gems now stand deserted, decorously preserved in time. Dedicated to documenting their faded grandeur and intricate designs, Scott travelled the length and breadth of Britain for the project, from iconic seaside resorts to lesser-known sites along the coast.

Trushorpe © Will Scott

Trushorpe © Will Scott

For so many these images evoke memories of childhood summers, when - not to be defeated by the undependable British weather - the seaside shelter meant that young and old could still enjoy the fresh air and fun of being on holiday even if that meant looking out to sea, eating ice cream or fish and chips and waiting impatiently for the sun to come out.

Broadstairs © Will Scott

Broadstairs © Will Scott

Seaside Shelters shows at the HENI Gallery, 1st Floor, 6-10 Lexington Street, W1F 0LB Soho from from 20 July -19 August. The book will be available to buy at the exhibition, or online here.