Emperor: the Perfect Penguin

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All photos © Sue Flood

Award winning photographer Sue Flood is one of the very few women working full-time as a photographer in the wildlife and adventure travel field. She is one of an even smaller number drawn again and again to the Earth’s coldest and harshest environments.

Over the past nine years, Sue has journeyed to remote Antarctic penguin colonies to capture emperor penguins in their native homes. One of the world’s most charismatic creatures, the bird survives and thrives in temperatures that can reach -50°C with 150km/h winds. It is only with patience, endurance and several thermal layers that one can capture magical moments on Earth’s most inhospitable continent – no small task, but one which Sue was happy to undertake.

Emperor - the Perfect Penguin is a tribute to Sue’s favourite bird. Her photographs explore a new angle of life in this remote and ice-crusted world, from the poignant sight of an egg abandoned on the sea ice, to majestic shots of emperor penguins returning from the sea. Each photo emanates the respect Sue has for her subjects.

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Wildlife and the Icy Beauty of Antartica 

Sue will be giving a talk on her new book at Craig-y-Don Community Centre, Llandudno, North Wales on 20 January. Visit the Royal Photographic Society website here or click the image below for more information.