Rewilding Scotland: the osprey

In the February issue of OP (out now) you’ll find the second part of the new series Scotland: The Big Picture, where Peter Cairns looks in depth at the osprey and its gradual return to the Scottish Highlands in recent years.

‘It is not just a spectacular bird but one that carries a story full of hope,’ says Cairns. ‘I’ve always had a fascination with ospreys, not just with the bird itself but with its story, which is so symbolic of how conservation can work and if we as a species do things a little bit differently we can accommodate species like ospreys – and others – amongst us.

‘I never get tired of watching or photographing ospreys. Their recovery in the last 60 years is as inspiring a story as you’ll find anywhere and their return to the rivers and wetlands of the Scottish highlands symbolises what is possible.’

Here in is this stunning short film Peter Cairns and filmmaker James Shooter tell the osprey’s story through Cairns’ experience of photographing the magnificent creature – something that he has been doing for more than 20 years.

Pick up your copy of OP214, our February issue now to read the full article.

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