The landscape: a modern view

Image above: Process of Reclamation © Stephen Segasby

Some of the UK’s most innovative outdoor photographers exhibit their work at London’s MMX Gallery until 2 June. 


Image above: The Lost Forest © Joseph Wright

Put on by Inside the Outside, a collective of image-makers working within the landscape genre who are inspired by John Muir, the exhibition includes work by John Blakemore, Chris Friel and Valda Bailey, amongst other distinguished photographers.


The works are united by a breaking away from the literal to the symbolic, with the artists intending to interpret the landscape rather than illustrate it. The result is a collection of expressive photographs that range in style, method and technique.


Image above: Based on a false story © Al Brydon

Inside the Outside was put together by Al Brydon, Stephen Segasby, Joseph Wright and Rob Hudson. The collective centre upon the John Muir quote: ‘I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay till sundown, for going out, was really going in.’

Image above: Early colour 1963-1968 © John Blakemore

Inside the Outside: Exploring contemporary landscape photography is on show until 2 June at MMX Gallery, 448 New Cross Road, London.

Image above: Southern Song © Valda Bailey

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