Close Encounters

For Irish wildlife photographer Graeme Purdy the challenge was to shoot wildlife portraits with a difference, all taken with remote cameras from within eight feet of the subject. He’s brought the stunning results together in a new book.

The images provide a unique and intimate insight into the lives of some of our most iconic wild animals. Every image was taken from within eight feet and each carries its own personal story.

We’re pleased to share this behind-the-scenes video of the making of the book.

Graeme Purdy’s new book Eight Feet, features a stunning collection of the images he took during this project over a period of 18 months in the UK, Kenya and Uganda. This beautiful 72-page limited edition book is available to buy from his website at (£35 plus p&p, hardback, ISBN 9-7819-0975-1989).

Proceeds from each book sold go to National Park Rescue, a direct action charity that tackles the chronic problems arising from poaching, through community initiatives, infrastructure development and improved animal protection. Find out more at