Thomas Heaton's new video and e-book

Thomas Heaton is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading video bloggers on landscape photography. Posting his latest vodcast, Something from Nothing, six days ago, it’s already reached 30K views. 

‘What I’ve been trying to do recently is a lot less with my photography. By that I don’t mean taking less photographs, but taking compositions that are more simple and to photograph a lot closer to home’ says Thomas in the first few minutes of the video. We follow him as he creates a simple sunrise photograph, one where he just ‘works with the sand, the waves and the sky.’ Diverging from his usual format, Thomas then goes into an indepth post-processing session. 

On other exciting news Thomas reveals details about his new ebook – Landscape Photography on Location. A download link for the ebook can be found in the video’s description on YouTube.

Find out more about Thomas Heaton here